“To” Plus a Gerund?

I know that using the expression :”I look forward to doing business with you ” is right. How and where can I find information about using “to doing” to students?

Dear LS:

On our web site take at look at www.englishplus.com/grammar/00000335.htm or look up “Gerund” in the Grammar Slammer glossary. “To doing business with you” is a prepositional phrase. The object of the preposition is the gerund phrase “doing business with you.”

I hope this helps.

5 thoughts on ““To” Plus a Gerund?”

  1. To+ gerund happens because, in this case, the to is not an infinitive.
    For example I want to go back early . (Want is a verb followed by to as an infinitive)
    For situations without using infinitives but prepositions, gerunds can be used.

    1. Phrasal verb. Some phrasal verbs are already fixed with a verb + a preposition or more than a preposition.
    For example I “object to” , this is a pv and followed by a gerund.
    I object to answering your questions.
    Another example, come to / When it comes to facing the critical sessions , we may …. /

    2. The to follows an adjective or participle.
    I am used to playing games.
    I am committed to learning English .

    3. The to follows a noun or maybe a noun phrase.
    The function of the to is as a preposition needing an object.
    E.g., My addiction to gambling is still there.
    I would like to share secrets to show you a good way to memorizing vocabulary.

    Hope it helps.

  2. Thank you. In the last example, while a gerund is grammatically OK, most English speakers would choose the infinitive: “I will show you a good way to memorize vocabulary.” “Way” is usually followed by an infinitive. “Secrets to” is usually followed by a gerund: “Secrets to memorizing vocabulary.”

  3. =)
    Actually I am still quite in a blur about the use of this , perhaps I can get used to learning how to use it.

  4. The best way to understand it is by reading good English and listening to good speakers. The more practice you get this way, the more natural the correct way sounds.

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