Your Origins Matter – Review

Henry Morris III. Your Origins Matter. Dallas TX: Institute for Creation Research, 2013. Print.

When I saw this title, I was reminded of the importance of punctuation. It might not be as erroneous as “Let’s eat grandma” that we see on Punctuation Saves Lives posters, but if Your Origins Matter were Your Origins: Matter, the reader would expect a very different thesis and approach.

This little book is philosophical in nature. The publishing house is clearly a creationist publisher, but this tract is not the usual examination of evidence typical of most creationist writings. Instead, it deals with the significance of our beliefs, particularly what we believe about ourselves and mankind. If we see ourselves as a special creation of an intelligent creator, we live our lives one way. If we see ourselves as a random gathering of molecules in a strictly material universe, we see humanity much differently.

The table of contents reveals the approach: (1) You are not an accident. (2) Your are alive. (3) You are not an animal. (4) You are unique. (5) You can be twice born.

That is it, straight and simple, short and sweet. My suggestion? Pray about each of these five theses. If there is a creator and you are willing to deal with Him on His terms, you will get an answer. Maybe for someone this tract can point the way.

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