Why No “Automatic Editor”?

I am using your trial program to see if it is helpful to me, and every time I try to grammar check anything using your program I get this message box. There is an exclamation in the top left corner along with this message.

“This selection contained 14 words and 1 sentences with 14 words per sentence, 3.71 characters per word, and 1.21 syllables/word. The grade level readability is approximately 8.45.”

Then there is the option to press “ok” or “cancel.”

Of course, this references changes due to size of document or sentence, but I get it every time and it is not checking the text. What is the problem?

There is no problem. That appears at the end of every completed grammar check. If you get that without any problems being flagged, it means that the checker found no errors.

I have tried “ok” and “cancel” and taken out all commas, etc. to see if it is checking and it is not. What am I doing wrong? I really need a program to check not just spelling, but comma usage, etc. and I am hoping your program will be of some assistance so I may purchase the program.

Please read the file “What to expect from grammar programs” if you have not done so. In many cases commas are not checked because they change the meaning. Any grammar checker is only going to be able to note basic punctuation problems. Otherwise, it would simply be annoying, asking questions for virtually every punctuation mark.

Grammar is intimately connected with meaning, so there is nothing automatic about grammar checking. That is why we have included our detailed Help file with grammar rules. If you have a question about the comma usage, use the Help file–it is very simple to use. You could even bookmark the “Comma Contents” page.

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